Remote Learning Offer

Class teachers are working with their own class members both in school and in an emergency, at home. Teachers are endeavouring to follow our Curriculum Map and give pupils a broad and balanced curriculum. Some activities will have to be adapted to suit the challenges faced by each individual and each family. Remember to use timings as guides; you do not need to finish each activity… if it takes too long. Perhaps bump things into the next day or just stop!

We will all do our best!

Our intention is to provide sequenced and well-planned lessons which build on prior knowledge and skills. Each day, teachers will provide meaningful and ambitious work in a range of subjects.  We take a blended-approach which mixes paper-based, online learning (content links, live & recorded) and self-directed activities.  Teachers use a variety of approaches including explaining new content, modelling, interactive/questioning, practice/applying and feedback & assessment.

Our approach attempts to…

  • mirror as much as possible the learning going on in school with home and home with school
  • keep children connected with their friends whether in school or at home
  • keep pupils connected with their teachers
  • ensure learning takes place and well-being is kept at the heart of everything.

We expect all children to engage and be supported by parents/carers to access the remote learning provided (please see the activities and timings below).

If your child does not have digital or online access at home, please contact us immediately by phoning Mrs Munt (in the school office) on 01722 327227 and alternative arrangements will be made to suit your individual family circumstances. 

If your child has special educational needs/ disabilities, class teachers will provide individualised work.

Class Teachers:

  • Send an email of the timetable for each day. This will include any resources/ video links as required
  • Set up a ‘Check-up’ either using email, TEAMS or telephone call
  • Use teaching videos. These may be pre-recorded by the teacher. They may also be selected from websites (i.e. White Rose or Oak National Academy etc.)  Teachers will send you specific links as necessary
  • Ensure that there is a selection of learning including – English / Maths / Foundation subjects and independent activities
  • Follows national guidelines in providing work / learning. (3 hours for KS1 and 4 hours for KS2)
  • Help parents to adapt the work to suit their family circumstances and their child
  • Provide feedback and assessment.
  • Listen and respond to feedback and really want to receive it!

Broad plan for English


  • Phonics video/activity
  • Handwriting activity / funky fingers
  • Text – Talk for Writing/Oak National Academy
  • Story

KS1 – Y1 and Y2:

  • Phonics video/activity
  • Handwriting activity
  • Text – Talk for Writing/Oak National Academy
  • Spelling activity
  • Story

KS2  – Y3, Y4, Y5 and Y6:

  • GPS video/activity
  • Handwriting activity
  • Text – Talk for Writing/Oak National Academy
  • Spelling activity
  • Story – Whole Class Read

Broad Plan for Maths


  • Counting activity
  • White Rose Maths session  – video and worksheets

KS1 – Y1 & Y2

  • Counting activity
  • White Rose Maths session  – video and worksheet

KS2  – Y3, Y4, Y5 &Y6

  • Times Tables activity
  • White Rose Maths session  – video and worksheet

Broad Plan for Foundation Subjects


  • Video – Oak National Academy/ BBC Teach/CBeebies/ Stratford video
  • Follow-up activity

KS1 & KS2

  • Video – Oak National Academy/ BBC Teach/ Stratford video
  • Follow-up activity

Independent Learning Time Activities (Buffet Approach)

  • Challenge Boards
  • Termly Topic
  • Touchtyping – BBC Dance Mat Typing
  • PE – Joe Wicks, Go Noodle, Cosmic Yoga, BBC SuperMovers
  • Mathletics
  • Maths Facts

Activities may be accessed from the school website. On the home page go to REMOTE LEARNING  

The drop down menu contains learning activities to complete at home. For example, the following may be found:

  • Termly Topic (Compulsory for Y4 – Y6)
  • Numbots or Times Table Rock Stars (Y1 – Y6 pupils have their own passwords in their Reading Records) – please contact your class teacher if you do not have the usernames/password details.
  • Reading Challenge
  • Challenge Boards


  • Teachers may occasionally ask for work to be photographed and e-mailed in so that they may provide more detailed feedback.
  • Teachers provide feedback to parents either by email or phone if they have any concerns regarding engagement or educational progress
  • Teachers e-mail parents with ideas and support and respond to queries
  • We have a parent focus group and keen for anyone to join if they want to!
  • Teachers are keen to ‘take-on-board’ any ideas from pupils or parent/carers which will enhance remote learning.

Record Keeping

  • Each teacher records ‘attendance’ at ‘Check-up Meeting’
  • Each teacher keeps assessment notes for each pupil.
  • If a pupil fails to engage with remote learning, the class teacher or head teacher will make contact with the family within two working days

Support Teacher (Lockdown Situation)

The support teacher:

  • Sets up packs for children working at home:
    • Blank books (EYFS – plain book; KS1 & KS2 – lined book and a squared paper book)
    • Pencil
    • Ruler
    • Protractor (Robin)
    • Times table booklets (Fox and Robin)
    • Reading Challenge booklets
    • Spelling book (Butterfly Y1 and Owl)
    • Whole Class Reading Books (When appropriate)
    • Home Read books
    • Challenge Boards
    • GPS Books (KS2) ( with cover letter)
    • Reading Comprehension (KS2) ( with cover letter)
  • Contacts and supports families who are experiencing difficulties in taking part in on-line learning
  • Supports as required
  • Liaises with class teachers, Mrs Watkins (Head teacher/ SENDCo/DSL) and Miss Hannah Crook (Senior teacher) /DDSL)