Support and Guidance for Parents and Carers

At Stratford–sub-Castle school, we believe mental health is about our feelings, our thinking, our emotions and our moods. Looking after our mental health is important. We have feelings every day, these may feel strong and overwhelming, whether happy or sad, but they go away before too long. Sometimes we experience big feelings. These feel strong and overwhelming for a long time. They stop us doing what we want to in our lives.

Here are some ideas to help you support your child with emotional difficulties:

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Further signposts to a range of local, county-wide and national services:

If you are worried about your child or think that you need advice from professionals, there are a range of local and national services across the UK and Wiltshire including:

  • Your local GP

  • Barnado’s Healthy Minds Wiltshire 0800 157 7015 If you need urgent help: 9am – 11pm 01865 903330 or 5pm-11pm 01865 901000 If you have concerns from 11pm-9am please call NHS 111 Health helpline for children, young people and parents/carers.

Advice for parents and carers: