Resilience is about thoughts, feelings and behaviours that can be learned, and can help you bounce back after facing adversity. For parents, building resilience in children can be key to helping your child prepare for what the future may hold. Building resilience can help our children manage stress and feelings of anxiety and uncertainty.


The Resilience Resource Centre suggest:


‘It’s important to note that being resilient requires a skill set that you can work on and grow over time. Building resilience takes time, strength, and help from people around you; you’ll likely experience setbacks along the way. It depends on personal behaviours and skills (like self-esteem and communication skills), as well as external things (like social support and resources available to you).’

Dr. Ginsburg identified the 7C's of resilience as competence, confidence, connection, character, contribution, coping, and control.

Phrases that help build resilience:

How can parents and carers foster resilience at home?
Resources for supporting resilience:

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10 Tips to build Resilience

Tips to build resilience– Chelsea Lee Smith