Fox Class

Welcome to Fox Class!

We are Year 6! We are independent learners with inquisitive minds, always looking to explore new things. We are supportive towards each other in our learning and celebrate all our achievements.

Our class teacher is Mrs Wilson and our TA is Mrs Ray.

Please click on this document to see our Curriculum Map and all the different subjects we will be learning this year. 

We are currently following Map A.


Term 3 Learning

Our whole class read this term is Wonder by RJ Palacio. We will look at the text in detail, predicting what may happen in the story, making inferences from the text and clarify the meaning of vocabulary we are unfamiliar with.

Our class read this term is Clockwork by Philip Pullman. We will have a selection of other Philip Pullman books to read and enjoy too!

Fox Class will be exploring Islamic art this term, linking to our history topic of the Early Islamic period.

Maths Home Learning Bookets

Here are the planet booklets for Fox Class.  Please initial/sign and date in the ‘Home’ column if your child shows they know the maths fact at home.

Y6 Maths Facts Booklet 2023


Term 2 Learning


Our topic in science this term has been ‘Light’. We have learnt that light is a beam of energy that travels from a source. Light travels in straight lines. When light hits an object, it is reflected (bounces off) and enters our eyes. This is how we see the object. When light from an object is reflected by a surface, it changes direction. It bounces off the surface at the same angle as it hits it (reflection and incidence).

We also learnt that a prism splits a beam of light into the colours of the visible spectrum This is because the different colours travel through the glass at different speeds, separating them from each other at different angles.

Finally, we learnt that light travels at different speeds when they go through other transparent materials such as water or glass. This causes the rays of light to change and bend, known as refraction. Refraction creates illusions.

Our experiment to show light travelling in a straight line.


In DT, we have studying the mechanism of cam toys. We designed our cam toys based on discussions with children from Butterfly Class to learn what ‘theme’ they would find attractive. We then had a go at ‘mocking up’ a simple cam mechanism. Finally, we built our cam toys and invited Butterfly Class back to look at our toys and decide which ones they likes the best.

The Vikings

In history, we have been learning all about the Vikings. We have discovered the dates of when the Vikings first came to Britain on our history time line and the reasons why they settled in Britain. We then focussed on the social and cultural concepts on the Vikings in terms of hierarchy in society, roles of men, women and children, what a Viking settlement was like, how they decided on punishments at a ‘Thing’ and how successful they were as crafts people.

Term 1 Learning

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Our author of the term is Ali Sparkes and we will read Dark Summer.

Our whole class read is The Nowhere Emporium by Ross MacKenzie.

Our artists this term are Monet and Turner where we we will be comparing landscapes from both artists and painting with watercolours ourselves.


In Science this term our first topic has been ‘electricity’. We have recognised symbols when representing a simple circuit in a diagram, investigated how the brightness of a lamp is affected by voltage and learnt about the scientific impact of Michael Faraday. In our second topic of ‘evolution & inheritance’, we have understood that all living things produce offspring and that offspring vary and are not identical to their parents; we have seen how fossils give important evidence how plants and animals have changed over time; and we have identified how animals and plants have adapted to suit their environment in different ways, and that this adaption leads to evolution. Finally, we explore the scientific impact of Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution.


In Geography, we have been learning about plate tectonics. In particular, we have identified the different layers of the Earth, understood how earthquakes and volcanoes are formed (we even designed and built earthquake proof buildings), what causes tsunamis and a tornadoes, and the impact we are seeing at the moment of climate change on our planet.

Plate Tectonics

Maths Topic Day

In the last week of term, we had a maths topic day. Our theme was the ‘Stars of Mathematics’. We learnt about the founder of Algebra, Al- Khwarizmi and used Cuisenaire rods to make different algebraic equations. We found out about Ada Lovelace (first computer programmer) and tried the ‘one key’ challenge. Finally, we learnt about Alan Turing (code breaking) and cracked the code breaking challenge!