Parent Workshops

Here we aim to give you as much information and guidance as we can, to help you support your child’s learning at home.

Please remember, you can always contact your child’s class teacher if you require any more support.

Spelling and Maths Game Workshop March 2024

Please see the following documents for information about spelling and maths games to support home learning.

Maths Games Parent Workshop

Spelling Parent Workshop

Spelling Workshop Parent Handout

Parent Phonics Workshop September 2023

Parent Phonics Workshop September 2023

Key Information from the Parent Phonics Workshop

  • Your child needs to read their decodable reading book 4 times.
  • Pupils will come home with a new decodable reading book on Day 5 of the teaching sequence. Their book will only be changed on Day 5, we will not change books during the rest of the week. Day 5 is not necessarily Friday!
  • Pupils in Reception will receive a picture book first. This book is designed to start a discussing about a story. What is happening in the picture? What are they doing? What do you think might happen next?
  • Any reading that pupils complete at home can be recorded in their Reading Record. This can reading their decodable book, sharing stories together with you, or reading their favourite magazine or fact book. We want all of our pupils to enjoy reading and see themselves as ‘readers’.

The video demonstrating ‘pure sounds’ can be found here.

Parent Video - 22.09.22 - Home Learning

We have created a video for your reference, explaining our expectations for your child’s home learning. There is also the presentation itself for you to download, and the spelling techniques poster.

To find more information on how to support your child when practising their Maths Planet Booklet, please click here.

Parent Meeting Home Learning Presentation

Spelling Techniques



Year 6 SATS Parents' Workshop

Here’s the PowerPoint from the Year 6 Parents’ Workshop about the SATS.

SATS Parent Workshop 2024