Governing Body

The Governors at Stratford-sub-Castle CE Primary School are an important part of the leadership team and support Mrs Watkins in managing the strategic side of school development whilst ensuring that the School is meeting its statutory responsibilities. They act as the School’s ‘critical friend’ to ensure that the needs of every child are catered for.

Minutes and other documents are available on request from the school office.

29.04.24 Governing Board Annual Report - April 2024

Structure of the Governing Body 2023 / 2024

Co-opted (4/4 governors) –  Mrs Carole Long, Mr Rhodri Morrison, Mr Lloyd Turner and Mr Andy Mintram (Chair)

Parents (3/3 governors) –  Mrs Nicola Clare, Mrs Emma Cash and Mr Richard Johnson.

Foundation (1/2 governors) – Rev Joe Stone

Local Authority (1/1 governor) – Miss Angela Britten 

Headteacher (1/1 governor) – Mrs Justine Watkins 

Staff Governor (1/1 governor) – Miss Hannah Crook

Clerk to Governors – Vacancy

** There are no associate Governors for 2023 to 2024 **


As our governing body number is low, no diversity information is displayed on the website to avoid identification of individual members

Structure of the Governing Body 2022 / 2023

Co-opted (4/5 governors) –  Mr David Mills, Mrs Carole Long, Mr Lloyd Turner, and Mrs Clare Connett 

Parents (2/4 governors) –  Mr Rhodri Morrison, Mrs Nicola Clare and Mr Andy Mintram

Foundation (1/2 governors) –   Rev. Sarah Wood-Roe

Local Authority (1/1 governor) – Miss Angela Britten (Chair)

Headteacher (1/1 governor) – Mrs Justine Watkins 

Staff Governor (1/1 governor) – Miss Hannah Crook

Clerk to Governors – vacant

** Mrs Penelope Larcombe resigned as a governor in December 2022.**

** Mr David Mills and Mrs Clare Connett resigned as governors in June 2023 **

** Mrs Kay Bridson retired as Headteacher in December 2022**

** Rev. Sarah Wood-Roe resigned as parish vicar in August 2023 **

** There were no associate Governors for 2022 to 2023 **

Mr Andy Mintram  (Chair of Governors)

My son joined Stratford in 2020 and has loved being part of the ‘family’ ever since, and I have enjoyed seeing him thrive and learn as a result. I became a Governor in January 2023 when a Parent Governor vacancy was advertised. I bring experience of governance, strategic leadership and financial management from working in the NHS since 2009. I was voted as Chair of the Governors in Sept 2023 and now look forward to working with all my fellow Governors, the Leadership team and all the staff, parents and the local community to help maintain and improve the high standards which Stratford already demonstrates, and support the school in whatever way I can.

Mr Rhodri Morrison – Vice Chair of Governors

Both my children have grown up in the village and have spent all their primary years at Stratford-sub-Castle School (my eldest has now left), and they have loved every minute of their time in the school.

For many years I worked on ocean-going research and exploration vessels as a marine geophysicist or manager. Having left the sea, I was able to join ‘Team Stratford’ as a Parent Governor in January 2022. I became Vice-Chair of Governors in March 2023, and switched from Parent to Co-opted Governor in September 2023. I am also the link governor for Health and Safety at the school.

As well being a governor, I also volunteer to assist on various school trips, and it is fantastic to see the children out and about, enjoying their learning, and acting as a great advert for the school.

Mrs Nicola Clare

I have children at Stratford School and joined the Governing Body as a Parent Governor in January 2021. With over 20 years of working in the Civil Service, I bring a depth of experience to the Governing Body.

Mrs Carole Long


I was asked to become a governor after we moved here in 2007 and was pleased to join the Stratford family and act as a critical friend in supporting the staff in their excellent work. Although the role of governors has changed, we still have a fully inclusive policy and welcome all children irrespective of whether or not they may have special educational needs. All children are special and, with a teaching background in supporting a wide variety of needs, I enjoy working with my fellow governors and our caring staff in enabling all children to reach their potential and be ready to move on to the next phase in their education.

Mr Lloyd Turner

I have lived in the village for 9 years and joined the governing body as a parent governor when my daughter joined the school in 2015. Over that time I have held the role of vice chair and am now a co-opted governor. The dedication, care and skill of our teachers never ceases to amaze me and I genuinely feel that Stratford Sub Castle School is a wonderful place to grow up and learn in.My son still attends the school and I have found the role of a governor to be very rewarding acting as a critical friend to the school’s leadership team and also helping in any way I can to make the school the best possible place it can be.As a local scout leader, I have seen many of Stratford’s pupils externally from the school and it has always struck me that consistently the school develops well rounded, kind, considerate and fun loving young people.I am a Marine Pilot for the Port of Southampton and was previously a ship’s Captain. My shift pattern allows me to visit school regularly and I am currently the governor with special responsibility for EYFS.


Miss Angi Britten


 I have been a governor for 23 years, starting as a parent governor, before becoming LA governor and serving as Chair of Governors for over six years. I have served on Finance, Health and Safety, Premises and Staffing and Pay committees as well as being Child Protection Governor and Governor with responsibility for Safeguarding. Following the reconstruction of the Governing body I continue as LA governor with Safeguarding (including Child Protection) and Staffing and Pay responsibilities.
I have seen many changes, during my time as a Governor and have watched more children than I can count, take their first steps in education at our school and leave us as confident, well-rounded individuals ready for the next stage in their school lives.

Rev Joseph Stone

I started as a curate in this Benefice in July 2024 and began taking class assemblies at Stratford-sub-Castle school in the Autumn of 2024. I enjoy working alongside the brilliant teaching team at Stratford and look forward to serving the school during my time here. Previously I was a music teacher and have undertaken Head of Music and Head of Year roles in secondary schools. I have also served as a Staff Governor at a Salisbury Diocese church school. I have two primary-age sons, and value the role of education in enabling and shaping young people. For hobbies, I enjoy playing tennis and the piano.  


Mrs Emma Cash

My daughter started school at Stratford in September 2023 and has settled in so well and is thriving. I can see first-hand the wonderful work that the Stratford team do and the amazing support network that they are to the children. I was interested in becoming an active part in supporting the school and a vacancy arose as a parent governor, I joined in  December 2023.
I am looking forward to help to support the school to continue to grow and provide excellent standards of education in any way that I am able tom. I hope that my background working as a Data Analyst (with experience in governance) for an agency who care and provide education for looked after children, will add to the current governor team.

Mr Richard Johnson

My involvement with the school began when my eldest daughter started in 2014. Now, with my youngest daughter joining in September 2023, I feel a strong personal investment in the school’s future.

With over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications sector, encompassing various fields from manufacturing to software development, I bring a wealth of analytical expertise which I hope to apply in a new setting.

Community involvement has become a passion in recent years, and I am enthusiastic about contributing to our local community. Having experienced education in small schools in Wiltshire myself, I understand some of the challenges and opportunities such environments present.

I am thrilled to embark on this role as a parent governor, committed to ensuring the school achieves its fullest potential and delivers fantastic outcomes for the entire community.

Mrs Justine Watkins – Head Teacher

Miss Hannah Crook – Staff Governor

I am the Senior Teacher at Stratford-sub-Castle CE Primary School and have been on the governing body as the Staff Governor since 2012. I have been teaching at the school since 2006 and came to Stratford as a Newly Qualified Teacher. As staff governor, I act as a link between the governing body and the staff and represent their views.
I became a governor to help be part of driving and developing the school further to the place it is today and for the future.


Mr Kevin Taylor- Clerk to Governors