At Stratford-sub-Castle Primary School it is our intention to implement and deliver the English National Curriculum in an active and relevant way, which opens horizons and supports our vision and intent for the whole curriculum.

We all know that English is a vital way of communicating. Through speaking and listening, reading and writing children learn to express themselves creatively and imaginatively and communicate with others effectively.

The study of English helps children understand how language works by looking at its patterns, structures and origins. Using this knowledge, pupils can choose and adapt what they say and write in different situations.

We believe that the study of English should enable pupils to:

  • appreciate how speaking and listening, reading and writing are integrated.
  • develop their ability to communicate orally for a range of purposes and audiences.
  • become confident, thoughtful and enthusiastic readers who read for pleasure.
  • use a wide variety of writing styles and genres, so communicating effectively in written forms.
  • practise their handwriting and other presentational skills.