PE Overview

Intent: At Stratford-sub-Castle Primary School it is our intention to implement and deliver the PE National Curriculum in an active and relevant way, which opens horizons and supports our vision and intent for the whole curriculum.

Our curriculum is unique because of our historical and geographical location, as well as the wonderful natural environment in and around the school. These enhance and drive our curriculum. Although we are socially diverse, we are not culturally diverse. We want to develop our curriculum to increasingly extend our pupils’ horizons and help them to know about and understand that the village of Stratford-sub-Castle, the city of Salisbury and the county of Wiltshire are part of a much, much bigger world.  A world which; is ever more connected and interconnected.

We all need to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. Exercise is fundamental, as it allows you to function and complete everyday tasks, as well as improving quality of life and life expectancy.

It improves mental health through the release of endorphins and promotes self-esteem, teamwork and a sense of belonging. The aim is to develop a lifelong interest in sport and exercise by engendering playfulness, a sense of fun and enjoyment in facing and overcoming challenges.

The overarching concepts for Physical Education at Stratford-sub-Castle Primary School are:

  • Acquiring and developing skills: performing basic and more advanced skills in a range of activities.
  • Problem Solving: team building, tactical and logical thinking.
  • Communication, decision making, confidence and analytical skills: communicating, making confident decisions; outwitting opponents using basic and advanced tactics
  • Benefits of exercise and a healthy lifestyle: physical and mental health; social skills
  • Effects of exercise:  short term and long term effects of exercise on the body systems.


  • Pupil Voice: Pupils engage and enjoy their PE learning so that a develop a lifelong interest in sport and exercise to lead a healthy and active life encouraging them to undertake new life experiences now and in the future. 
  • Evidence in Knowledge and Skills: Pupils demonstrate a range of ball skills, invasion skills and gymnastics.  On the residential trip, pupils demonstrate good team work skills as well as challenging themselves. Pupils show an understanding on how exercise can affect your body. 
  • Breadth and Depth: Teachers plan a range of opportunities for pupils to learn PE.  Pupils have opportunities to take part in competitive matches such as the Tag Rugby festival and Small Schools Tournament.  Pupils have the opportunity to take part in a residential trip.



SSC PE Long Term Overview (PE Curriculum Map)

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