It is recognised that parents may wish to make a personal family record of their child’s activities at school such as sporting events and official functions. This may include digital images, DVDs, videos and photographic prints or slides. Parents are welcome to make such a record, subject to the following conditions:

  • parents are permitted to take photographs of their own children. Inclusion of other children should be incidental or restricted to team photographs; otherwise, photographs of other pupils should not be taken without the prior agreement of the child’s/children’s parents.
  • all images are strictly for personal and family use only and must not be placed in the public domain. This includes publication on the internet: for example, on sites such as YouTube and on social networking sites such as Facebook unless in access-restricted areas. Any parent or pupil who is concerned about images that have been uploaded into a public domain should seek the cooperation of the person who uploaded the item, or make use of the website’s facility to flag inappropriate content; if this fails to resolve the matter, the School should be informed.
  • photographs and recordings during services in Church are not permitted.
  • recording of concerts by parents is not allowed without the express permission of the Headteacher.
  • the rights of individuals must be respected and child protection ensured at all times.
  • parents must be mindful of the need to use their cameras and recording devices with consideration and courtesy for others.
  • flash photography can disturb others in the audience or cause distress for those with medical conditions, and should therefore not be used.
  • commercial copyright issues may prevent the school from permitting the filming or recording of certain events such as plays and concerts. If that is the case, the audience will be informed that there must be no infringement of copyright.

The school:

  • seeks parental consent for photographs to be taken or published (for example, on our website or in newspapers or publications)
  • only uses school equipment
  • only takes photos and videos of children to celebrate achievement
  • uses only the child’s first name with an image
  • ensures that children are appropriately dressed
  • encourages children to tell us if they are worried about any photographs that are taken of them.

Consent is sought from parents to take photographs of their children to use on the school website, in publications, or for display purposes via a letter/form sent out at the beginning of their time at the school.

For the Use of Photography Policy and other relevant policies, go to the Policies section of the website.