We regard behaviour as comprising the actions and responses of each member of our school community. It is how we value and respect ourselves, how we behave towards one another and how we treat our environment.

We believe that each individual is responsible for his or her decision-making and therefore behaviour and that behaviour affects every academic and social programme designed to further a child’s development.  We expect everyone to be responsible for one’s own behaviour, to make appropriate choices, to accept the consequences of one’s behaviour and to behave appropriately in different situations and surroundings.  This includes routine and non-routine situations, highly-supervised and less supervised time, ‘real’ and ‘virtual’ life, including one’s online persona.

We recognise the need to set high expectations, create the conditions for positive behaviour and to limit the situations where inappropriate or undesirable behaviour might occur.

OFSTED 2017 said:

  • Pupils’ good behaviour and positive attitudes to learning are a strength of the school. Pupils are friendly and considerate towards adults and each other.
  • Pupils feel safe. Parents have confidence that their children are well looked after. Bullying and bad behaviour are extremely rare

For the Behaviour for Learning Policy, and other relevant policies, go to the Policies section of the website.