You can purchase our uniform through MyClothing.com


Our page is: https://myclothing.com/collections/stratford-sub-castle-ce-vc-primary-school-28020 

My Clothing Leaflet

School Uniform

We rely on you, as parents, to ensure that your child wears the school uniform. Children really dislike being different and enjoy feeling part of the “Stratford Team”!

All items of uniform are generic and may be purchased from any retailer.  If you wish to purchase items of uniform with the school logo (for example sweatshirt, cardigan, PE t-shirt) go to MyClothing.com.

The required school uniform is as follows:

  • royal blue sweatshirt or cardigan 
  • white polo shirt or collared shirt
  • grey or black trousers or shorts
  • grey or black pinafore dress or skirt
  • blue and white checked / striped dress or skirt (summer / hot weather option)
  • black school shoes that are safe and appropriate

We encourage the wearing of grey, black or white socks, or dark tights.



P.E. Uniform

  • plain white t-shirt  white t-shirt               
  • plain dark shorts or black leggings 
  • white socks
  • track suit (in cold spells)
  • plimsolls / trainers

Swimming (KS2): Trunks or full costume (bikinis are not allowed),  Towel

Children are encouraged to wear appropriate warm clothing for outdoor PE sessions in cold weather – this does not need to be school colours, just warm! Shoes and clothes must be safe and appropriate.

Lost Property

A ‘Lost Property Basket’ is located in the ‘Glass House’ entrance in the new block. We try to return named items to the owner and not put them in the basket.


Children should be smart, clean and safe at all times.

Hair: Long hair must be tied back for health and safety reasons. This is essential during PE lessons but is encouraged in all activities.

Jewellery: Pupils may wear watches and a small pair of studs for pierced ears (in ear lobes only). Nose studs and other types of body piercing are not allowed. No other jewellery is allowed. In order to comply with L.A. Health and Safety guidelines, pupils are required to remove earrings for PE activities. If children cannot remove them, they are asked to cover them with tape.

Make-up: The Governors believe that any form of make-up or hair colouring is inappropriate for this age group. Nail varnish may not be worn.