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Continuous Provision in EYFS and KS1

At Stratford-sub-Castle Primary School, we run continuous provision from Reception right through to the end of Year 2. Research shows that that young children learn best through play and exploration, and our collective experience has found this to be true. We chose to run continuous provision until the end of Year 2 to build on the excellent practice in Early Years. 

Alistair Bryce-Clegg states that “…continuous provision should continue the provision for learning in the absence of an adult.”  We have designed our provision, both inside and outside, to allow children to think and explore. Our provision enables children to apply skills and knowledge, building on what has already been learnt and consolidating in a purposeful, exciting and creative environment. We have seen close relationships build, and a strong sense of well-being nurtured, as well as greater levels of enthusiasm for learning by adults and children alike.  Adults identify children’s needs and next steps to enhance learning opportunities to ensure they are all successful learners. 

Every day our children get the chance to be a designer, an artist, a writer, a scientist, a musician, a mathematician, a storyteller, an athlete, geographer or historian. Planned play-based experiences inspire the children to consolidate their skills, knowledge and understanding enabling them to be independent, resilient learners who motivate themselves to take on the next challenge and push themselves to their limits. Throughout the environment, both inside and outside, you will see busy children actively engaged in a wide range of activities that they themselves have chosen.